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The Cursed Crusade  

dancingpuppet Tea & Biscuits Brigade    03 September 2011 06:27 PM

This autumn it seems like most games being released are sequels to already well established series, and whilst it’s great news for fans it’s a shame for small game companies as it means our wallets are probably going to be too empty to even consider getting their titles.

Despite this there is one of these unknown games that has caught my attention: The Cursed Crusade, which is about cursed Knight Templars beating the crap out of other people, based on the actual 4th crusade but adding fantasy to it with the whole being cursed thing. At the end of the day it looks like it’s mainly a 2 players beat them all with knights in not so shiny armours and a good storyline, which is good in my book as long as there aren’t too many cut scenes and a decent enough gameplay.

Let’s be honest, I would have probably never even heard of it if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a French game, and I kind of forgot about it until Gamescom 2011 a few weeks ago. Since then several videos of the game have been released and after watching them I’m kind of hyped for it, even if so far it seems like the gameplay is just average. At least it looks like the story is interesting enough to make it an entertaining rent? This week this new video was released:

This is supposed to be released in Europe in October I think (360/PS3/PC), and probably not much later in America.


Arthellinus doom pie pie    04 September 2011 01:56 AM

At first I thought this was a WoW topic. I was prepared to shake my fists.

Random The Chief    04 September 2011 04:00 AM

That gane looks terrible sad

dancingpuppet Tea & Biscuits Brigade    04 September 2011 04:42 AM

@Doom, come on, I wouldn’t do something like that sad

@Random, the problem for this game is that it was in the making years ago but the studio had no peas. They only found distributors recently and started again from there. I suppose they should have started from scratch really.

Anyway, I wonder how small studios can even survive these days, with the recession and everything. As for big studios many of them just release lazy sequels, just counting on the fact that the name will sell even if the game is crap. Of course there are some pretty good sequels, and I’m sure games like Uncharted 3 or MW3 are going to be great games that do deserve fans money, but don’t you agree that a lot of sequels are often just average? So yeah, I’m intrigued by what smaller studios might release, even if their games are definitely not on my must buy list.

Also I try to keep one thing in mind: when I first saw Siukoden 1 after playing FF7 my first thought was that the game looked rubbish. Does it mean that the game was actually bad? No, because we all know it had a good storyline and an interesting gameplay. So I definitely wouldn’t judge a game simply on its graphics.

But yeah, for all I know this game might turn out to be absolute crap with no redeeming feature at all, we shall see when it gets released :p