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Xbox One Launch Titles Review Roundup
Xbox One
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Xbox One Launch Titles Review Roundup
Random on November 19, 2013 at 02:29 pm

Xbox One is about to hit stores this Friday, and the review embargo on some of the biggest launch titles has lifted. Lets take a look at how things fared. 

Killer Instinct

Other than Titanfall, the most fun I had with the Xbox One at the Tokyo Game Show a couple months back was playing the brand new Killer Instinct with Buri. It looks like reviewers agreed with our assessment that the game is a blast, while also noting that the game feels kind of incomplete with just six character's at launch. But hey, the price is right, so it seems like a fair proposition to me. Here's what our peers have to say.

"Not only is its combat system flashy and well thought out, it's well explained too, thanks to its powerful training tools, and what is easily the most complete guide to terminology and tactics ever assembled in a fighting game. Though it lacks an arcade mode or a full-sized character roster, Killer Instinct delivers where it counts." - IGN 8.3/10 

"There’s a fantastic combo system at Killer Instinct’s core, but right now it feels like half a game – one full of promise, certainly, but not an especially next-gen one either." - Edge 7/10

"Because the combo system powering Killer Instinct is so simple to grasp at the top-level, yet pushes players to input commands with urgency, it toes a great line between being accessible and offering depth for dedicated players to mine."Joystiq 3/5

Killer Instinct currently sits at 74/100 on Metacritic, higher that PS4's  Killzone: Shadowfall but below Need For Speed: Rivals and Dead Rising 3.


Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 is clearly one of the the most anticipated launch titles for the Xbox One, and one that Microsoft is likely counting on to sell consoles as it's exclusive to their console. 

I haven't had a chance to play Dead Rising 3, but as a fan of the zombie genre, I've had high hopes for this next gen entry in the series. The reviews seem to present a game that has a lot of good ideas and excellent execution of scale, but lacks polish in the technical details. 

"Dead Rising 3 doesn’t get by on its looks, but its meaty zombie-slaying combat and nearly endless supply of undead and ridiculous weapons go a long way." - IGN 8.3/10

"Dead Rising 3 gets a lot of things right. It presents a massive open world filled with possibilities and features the first truly impressive use of scale in a game based on a zombie outbreak. But the game's difficulty spikes — due to its control and inventory issues — and boring, stereotype-laden writing can be difficult to swallow. There's a very good game lurking inside of Dead Rising 3 — but it feels a little unsteady on its feet."Polygon 7.5/10""

"Capcom Vancouver’s latest entry in the Dead Rising saga is an impressive display of big, dumb fun, and a must-play for fans of the series. It’s also a great demonstration of the outstanding capabilities of next-gen hardware right out of the gate. Thinning out the undead of Los Perdidos is worth your time, but the bugs infesting the sandbox are an unwelcome scourge." - Game Informer 8.75/10

Dead Rising 3 currently sits at 78 on Metacritic, making it the highest rated Xbox One title currently.

Crimson Dragon

I wasn't impressed with Crimson Dragon at all when I had some hands on time with it at TGS, and it doesn't look like many reviewers are that into it either. A shame really, for a game that could have been a real system seller if it had better execution. Here's what the reviews say:

"Crimson Dragon works well enough as a straight arcade shooter, and there’s plenty of challenge in it. There’s some nostalgic value, too, but it’s weak graphics and frustrating free-flight boss fights make it tough to enjoy the stroll down memory lane." - IGN 5.9/10

"I could forgive all of these missteps, the weird microtransactions, the underwhelming graphics, the off-kilter systems, if, on a very basic level, it was fun. It's not. Crimson Dragon manages to take riding on a sweet flying dragon and make it a bland, frustrating slog. In my book, that's about as unforgivable as sins come."Polygon 4/10

"Crimson Dragon was a pleasant surprise. As a massive fan of the Panzer series, I was worried that this wouldn't quite honor it, but there's plenty here for gamers who have been longing for an entry since 2003's Orta. There are some mechanical problems, but any old-school rail shooter fan will be able to handle them." - Destructoid 8/10

Check out our thoughts on our time with Crimson Dragon in the video below.

Are you excited about the Xbox One launch lineup? Ryse is embargoed until Friday, so we'll have to wait and see how that fares.

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