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What’s #1 x 52?  DC goes back to the beginning
BokkenMonkey on September 03, 2011 at 11:18 am

Ok, so it's not a video game story, but I'm sure it'll spawn tie-in games soon enough.

DC comics is starting over - September 2011 marks the release of 52 different DC comics titles, all at issue #1.  Even though it's been openly acknowledged as a desperate attempt to boost sales for a brand that has been trailing behind Marvel since Barbara Gordon could walk, preorders are through the roof.  Apparently it's a given in the comic book industry that slapping "#1" on a cover boosts sales.  Doing it 52 times in the same month is unprecendented, and it's garnering DC titles quite a bit of attention.  From HypeUp to National Public Radio, people everywhere who don't usually give a crap about comic books are talking about them, if only for a little while.  It's certainly got me thinking about picking up a few titles, when I normally don't bother reading anything that hasn't been repackaged as a trade paperback.  Only time will tell if this publicity stunt pays off, if interest disappears even faster than it built up, or if the masses will realize that only 25% of these new titles have Batman in them, so really what's the point?

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