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The Best Booth Babes Of Tokyo Game Show 2013
Random on September 24, 2013 at 01:39 am

Every year at the Tokyo Game Show people come from all over Japan, and in some cases the world, to get their mitts on the next big games coming out before anyone else. The companies behind these games want to make sure you play them, and they do that the best way they know how; babes in skimpy outfits. We may have come for the games, but we stayed for the booth babes. Ok, not really, but hey... pictures of hot chicks below, check it. 

The GREE booth had a whole army of booth babes. It was ridiculous. The basically lined up in formation at the start of the first day before marching to their stations all military like. It was quite a sight to behold.


Over at the XBOX booth there was models posing with a life sized Titan from Respawn's Titanfall! Our own Buri got a little excited and jumped in for a photo op as well.

What's that Capcom? You said what? You want me to try out your new Monster Hunter game for smart phones? You're the boss, bro.

Over at the BlazBlue booth these ladies were standing on top of arcade cabinets cheering you on from above. Buri and I got quite into our match and were yelling and dancing. They seemed quite amused.

Girls doing cat poses for good measure. I have no idea what they were promoting.

The Sega girl, or as everyone else reffered to her, the only reason to go near the Sega booth. Jokes! Seriously though, the number of people who abandoned their spot in the Titanfall lineup to take this girl's photo was alarming.

Electronic Arts had their Battlefield 4 girls all decked out in army gear with pigtails. Waiting in line to play the game wasn't always fun, but these pretty ladies sure made it easy on the eyes!

Keeping with the Electronic Arts theme these babes were sporting cops vs. racers outfits as players duked it out on the streets in Need For Speed Rivals. I never wanted to get arrested so much in my life.

A little Hatsune Miku cosplay never hurt anyone! She seems to be promoting some kind of phone, but most people seem more interested in taking her photo.

Happy looking girls! Yay! I don't remember what booth they were at, but they seemed to be enjoying doing all sorts of poses.

We found these girls chillin on a couch where this odd device was being sold that lets you lay flat on the floor, or on your side, with a monitor mounted about a foot in front of your face. Great for playing games when you want to lay down, and extremely geeky to own.

Random girl with fishnet stockings holding a pamphlet! 

So there you have it. That's just a small sampling of the many beautiful booth babes who graced the Tokyo Game Show floor these past few days. It was a hard job taking all these photos and preparing this article, but someone had to do it. wink


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