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South Park: The Stick Of Truth (Finally!) Gets A Release Date And A Grand Wizard Edition!
Buri on September 27, 2013 at 01:41 am
Soutas Pop

It seems like news has been buzzing around here and there for a really long time about Ubisoft’s South Park RPG; The Stick of Truth.  As if it’s not enough that South Park fans are fired up for the season 17 opener this week, it seems that Ubisoft has announced the release date and special edition details for this highly anticipated (among South Park fans who also happen to be gamers anyways, of which I am one) title as well.  Double win!  So without further ado, let’s find out when we get to kill Kenny.

Get your pocketbooks ready for December 10th in the US and December 12th in Europe, because that is the official release date for South Park: The Stick of Truth.
You can buy the game for PC, Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3 (seriously Nintendo, you couldn’t get on this?).  If you pre-order you get the Ultimate Fellowship pack, which includes four exclusive costumes that come equipped with special abilities:

• Necromancer Sorcerer with bonus fire damage
• Ranger Elf with bonus weapon damage
• Rogue Assassin with bonus gold
• Holy Defender with bonus defences

The Grand Wizard Edition includes the Ultimate Fellowship pack, but also comes with a 6″ Cartman figurine, and Cartman’s hand drawn map of South Park Kingdom for $79.99.

Check out the trailer and let the world know in the comments if you’re hyped up or not (Spoiler: I am!)

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