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Playstation 4?  Game On!
PlayStation 4
 How Hyped are you? 
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
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Playstation 4?  Game On!
Buri on February 24, 2012 at 03:27 pm
Soutas Pop

The internet and rumours go together like cocaine and hookers (wow, that actually kind of rhymes).  And like with hookers, I rarely believe anything they say.  Not that I spend any significant amount of time talking with hookers, but… whatever.  It seems that with Nintendo’s Wii-U pending release and heavy speculation over the announcement of a new X Box 720 console at this year’s E3, everyone wants to fuel the fire of speculation that Sony will have something to announce very soon regarding the inevitable Playstation 4.  But with the recent release of the Playstation VITA, and head Sony executives repeating their mantra that the goal of Playstation 3 is for a 10 year lifespan, it seems questionable that the rumours for a Playstation 4 on the horizon are anything more than fictional internet chatter.  Or are they?

I’m not one to spread rumours (that’s how I set you up for a rumour I’m about to spread), but it seems like there are a few reasons to believe that, in fact, Sony has at least begun development for the new Playstation 4.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to say it loud, I’m going to say it proud, development of the Sony Playstation 4 has begun!

2 things lead me to believe this. 
According to an article recently published by Forbes, former employees of the company AMD have said that the company is working with Sony on a processor for a new console.  If this is true, then this definitely compelling evidence that Sony is up to something.

Secondly, according to playstationlifestyle.net, Sony has recently taken out a patent on a “Kinect-like 3D depth-sensing camera” for Playstation consoles.  In all fairness, this could be something for the Playstation 3, but my gut tells me that with 6 years into a 10 year projected lifespan of a product, they’re going to ride it out, and add the new tech to a new machine to increase its wow factor upon release.

Then why do all the big guys from Sony keep denying a new console is in the works?  Wouldn’t you? 
First, it just makes business sense to focus on one product at a time.  Sony just released the Playstation VITA and it seems pretty apparent that, as a business, they are focusing all their efforts into getting that off the ground successfully.  And on the other side of that coin, it’s important for Sony to keep the public focused on the VITA as their primary product right now, and not let their consumer’s minds wander over to the next flashy new toy too soon.

Also, the second a video game company announces a new console and its release date, you are essentially announcing the “death date” of the existing console.  Sony obviously would love to get 4 more solid years out of the Playstation 3, and by announcing its death date anytime soon, would result in waning interest and investment from consumers.  Something Sony definitely does not want.  Therefore it’s imperative that Sony holds it’s cards close to their chests, deny a new console, and keep the public’s attention focused on the VITA and Playstation 3… for now.

So assuming the Playstation 4 is in development, what are we looking at here?  The Playstation 3 was released in November of 2006.  If they stick with their 10 year projection, we could easily expect a new console from Sony in 2016.  Nintendo announced the Wii-U at last year’s E3.  Realistically, there’s a very good chance we could see that sometime around the end of the year or in 2013.  Microsoft is expected to announce the successor to the X Box 360 at this year’s E3 in June and we would most likely see that sometime in 2013.  So let’s assume by Christmas 2013 Nintendo and Microsoft have nice shiny new consoles that are not only kick ass gaming systems, but that all in one living room machine that plays movies, music, connects to the internet, etc.  By 2013 Sony’s going to have to have something.  Simply for the fact that if they don’t, games getting released for the superior Nintendo and Microsoft consoles will be too much for the Playstation 3’s technology to handle and they won’t get released on Playstation or companies will have to make dumbed down versions of games, much like the Call of Duty games for the Nintendo Wii, that no one really wants to buy.

I think Sony will continue to deny the Playstation 4 as long as possible and there will be no announcement at E3 this June.  I think they are actively working on it, just as Microsoft and Nintendo are working on their next gen consoles now.  I can see leaks getting out next year and possibly an official announcement at E3 2013 or possibly another game show earlier.  Or maybe a stand alone press release like with the VITA (NGS at the time).  I think they are playing down the pressure from the competition, and will keep a very close eye on when Nintendo and Microsoft release their next consoles and will be ready to go when they are.

So what do you think Hyper Upers?  Do you think Playstation 3 can hold out till 2016 or will we get the Playstation 4 sooner?  If so, when?  Let the flaming begin!

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