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Sony Confirms PS4 Region Free & Upgradable Hard Drives
PlayStation 4
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Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
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Sony Confirms PS4 Region Free & Upgradable Hard Drives
Random on June 11, 2013 at 08:14 pm

The good news just keeps coming in for PlayStation fans. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has been answering questions on his twitter account and has confirmed that the PS4 will not have any region locking. This means if you own a PS4 you can play games from any territory, just like on PS3. 

Yoshida also confirmed that the PS4's HDD will be user upgradable, making it easy to increase your internal storage. This is again, the same as PS3. 

One can only wonder if Microsoft execs are deluded enough to believe they did well today, when it looks more like Sony is sticking the final nails in Xbox One's coffin. We'll have to wait and see if gamers speak with their wallets this holiday season.


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