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Sim City 5 Announced At GDC
Random on March 07, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Electronic Arts has announced the long awaited next game in the Sim City series today at GDC.

For the first time ever Sim City will feature a multiplayer compontent in which you can assist your friends duing natural disasters. Here's the official details on mutiplayer and the reveal trailer:

Work together with friends to build a region for the first time! The cities in your friends’ region will directly interact with each other.


Want to be a good neighbor? Send fire trucks to help your friend in an emergency.

Want to be a bad neighbor? Produce mass pollution and watch your friends’ Sims become sick.


Team up to share resources and accomplish great feats like launching shuttles into space.

Participate in global challenges like lowering the total pollution output in the SimCity world to unlock a trophy to place in your city.


Check regional and global leaderboards to compare your city with your friends.

Every decision in your city and those in your friends’ cities will impact the greater SimCity world.

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