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Renegade Ops Completed
Renegade Ops
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Publisher: Sega
Platforms: • PS3 • XBOX 360
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Renegade Ops Completed
Random on February 17, 2012 at 04:39 pm

I started playing Renegade Ops last year when it first came out after feeling really excited about the game based on the initial trailers. Buri and I decided we'd both pick up the game and play through it online co-op style and I have to say, it was overall a good decision. 

The game plays from a top down third person perspective as you control a jeep/tank that can plow through pretty much anything, be it people or demolishing buildings as you plow through them. You're also equipped with a machine gun that gradually gets stronger as you progress through the level and pick up power ups. The four main characters each also have their own special weapon, and you can upgrade abilities as you earn more points. 

The sheer fun of Renegade Ops comes from it's very simplistic yet satisfying gameplay. It plays like the old "Strike" games on the PSone.There's even some small sections with helicopters that make the comparison even more appropriate. You're basically just running around killing and destroying everything you can in beautiful environments with some really great effects going on. It's pure arcade experience, and when you die you even get that feeling like you should be reaching for another quarter to put into a machine. Taking that kind of gameplay online for a co-op experience just makes it all the more fun.

Last night Buri and I fired up Renegade Ops again for the first time in a few months to finish off the last few levels. While the early levels had gotten a tad bit repetitive with their jungle environments, the final base really made up for it by adding some plat forming elements and boss fights that changed things up a bit. It also helps that the story of Renegade Ops is completely over the top and told in a comic book style with some hilariously cheesy voice overs. 

While the overall experience of Renegade Ops was very enjoyable and absolutely worth the money, there's a few things that could have really made it an amazing game instead of just a good one. First and foremost, the voice chat just does not work for some reason. It breaks up constantly and it's near impossible to communicate with your friends while playing. I have no idea why this is the case or why it hasn't been fixed with a patch in the several months since the game launched, but I don't have this problem with any other game. As I mentioned before, Renegade Ops also tends to get a bit repetitive, and this could have easily been fixed by changing up the environments and enemies more. In most games, enemies change and get more difficult as you progress through the levels, but for the most part in Renegade Ops, at least until the final level, you're fighting the same tanks and doing the same tasks in the same kind of jungle area. The helicopters, one of the most fun parts of the game, are also criminally under used and only appear 2-3 times throughout the 10 level campaign. Finally, a solid boss fight to end each level would make things a lot more fun. There's a boss fight here and there, but for the most part they're not more difficult than any of the regular enemies and are quickly dispatched. 

I've yet to check out the DLC that's available for the game but I'm hoping if there's some additional levels that they've also realized some of the things I've mentioned that would make the game better. Executed with a little more care, Renegade Ops could have been a classic, but it was still a blast to play through.

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