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Oculus Rift + Omni Directional Treadmill = VR Awesome
Oculus Rift
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Oculus Rift + Omni Directional Treadmill = VR Awesome
Random on April 20, 2013 at 03:35 pm

If you thought just playing games with the Oculus Rift VR headset was cool, wait until you see this video using the Rift in combination with an omni directional treadmill for playing Team Fortress 2! 

The Virtuix Omni, which is about to hit Kickstarter, will bring omni directional treadmills into the livingroom at an affordable price, assuming you have space to put the thing. The results are the closest thing I've ever seen to true VR, letting you walk or run in any direction without actually moving. The health benefits alone would be worth having one of these. Just imagine how many calories you could burn from running around in a VR game for an hour or two every night.

Virtuix recently filmed their Kickstarter video, and will feature reactions from the likes of Palmer Lucky (creator of the Oculus Rift) and Chris Roberts (creator of Wing Commander and the upcoming Star Citizen) among others, who got together at SXSW as seen in the above photo, and tried it out. You can check out how it looks in action in the below video right now though, and check out more info on the Virtuix website.

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