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New The Witcher 3 Details Revealed
The Witcher 3
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New The Witcher 3 Details Revealed
Random on March 01, 2013 at 02:37 am

New details regarding the gameplay of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been revealed on German site WorldOfPlayers.de

Players will be able to import their save game from The Witcher 2 which will affect the characters in the game, but not the back story. Geralt will also be able to move more freely in The Witcher 3, with the ability to jump and climp to new areas. 

Here's some additional info, translated via NeoGAF member wojto16.

- 36 final states of the world and 3 epilogues (each 1 hour long)

- you can buy horses or tame a wild ones by using Axii

- Geralt will be much more agile. Now he can jump and climb wherever he want.

- a wild animals will appear. Geralt may hunt them and take their furs, claws etc.

- main storyline is 50 hours long

- now people will call the guards, when they see Geralt stealing their stuff

- there is a new mechanic, which is similar to VATS from Fallout 3. You can aim at the specific parts of monsters bodies in slow-mo

- no more QTEs

- Geralt now can achieve 60 level max

- PC and console versions have completely different UI

- you gain experience points only by completing quests, hunting will provide you money and crafting materials

- a two new minigames: axe trowing and card games

- economy depends from the area. In some places you can buy something for a lesser price, or sell it for higher price.

Everything about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sounds pretty awesome, and most likely will be if you're into RPGs. The Witcher 2 was excellent, and I expect this one will be too.

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