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Kitase: Any Final Fantasy VII Remake Would Have Changes
Final Fantasy VII
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Publisher: Square Enix
Release Dates: 9/07/1997  1/31/1997  11/17/1997 
Platforms: • PS3 • PC • PSP
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Kitase: Any Final Fantasy VII Remake Would Have Changes
Random on November 30, 2011 at 01:27 am

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke on the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake. He says if it were to happen, changes would have to be made to the game in order for it to be interesting, and not just a repeat of the original classic.

“If I may speak as a game creator, if we were to produce a remake of 7, for example, I would be really tempted to delete things and add new elements, new systems or whatever because if we were to make exactly the same thing now, it’d be like a repeat,” Said Kitase.

“It’d be an issue of repetition and not as much fun to make such a game. So I’d be really interested in rearranging games or reshaping games into something slightly different even though it’s supposed to be the same game.”

Kitase does realize that this is unlikely to go over well with some fans, who would be more than happy to play the exact same game again with some prettier graphics.

“If we did that, the fans might be disappointed or [say] ‘this is not what I was expecting’ so in that sense maybe some might say that it’s better to let memory be memory.

“When we play the games we made years ago, sometimes we think ‘oh, that is not really cool’ or ‘that probably should have been a bit better than that’ and that sort of thing,” he continued.

“But on the other hand, those slightly negative features and bits, for some of the really enthusiastic fans of these titles, that gives the game extra flavor or personality or whatever. So maybe they would rather we didn’t do anything about it and we just leave it in as it is. It’s very difficult to decide what we should we keep in and what we should take out.”

Instead of over thinking it and giving us Final Fantasy VII with the Final Fantasy XIII-2 battle system or some other terrible idea they may think is good, just keep it simple and give the fans what they want. Final Fantasy VII with HD graphics with new character models and backgrounds, and maybe some high quality orchestrated versions of the soundtrack. There's no other changes that need to be made, in my opinion. If they are going to mess up the game by trying to update it, I'd rather they don't bother.

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