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Half-Life 2 Modded For Oculus Rift Support
Oculus Rift
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Half-Life 2 Modded For Oculus Rift Support
Random on February 05, 2013 at 02:26 am

Everytime I see some news about the upcoming Oculus Rift VR headset I get really stoked to try it out. This news is certainly no exception. 

Source engine modder Nathan Andrews has added support for for full head and gun tracking that will work with one of the greatest first person shooters ever created, Half-Life 2, as well as it's add on episodes.

“I’ve added full head tracking and weapon tracking to Half-Life 2 in preparation for the Oculus Rift dev kit launch,” says Andrews. “Once the official rift APIs are available I’ll integrate them, giving people ~70 hours of content (this also works for episode 1 & 2, the Lost Coast and tons of user generated maps, etc) that they can use to test out their Rift.”

Andrews has also released a video demonstration of the mod, although it's using some home made gear since the Rift dev kits aren't quite out yet.

“This video shows a handful of scenes of me using the head and weapon tracking using two hillcrest trackers (the same ones that John Carmack used for the Doom 3 BFG demos of the early oculus rift prototype). This video was made using my modified HMZ-T1 but others have played it on DIY rifts with the Vireio stereo/warp drivers.”

Those who have a Rift dev kit on the way can download the mod here, although it still needs some work. Because you can now look at your weapon at angles never before intended, some additional skinning will have to be done to make things look right. 

With some luck, we'll be able to get our hands on an Oculus Rift later this year when a consumer version is released.

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