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Et tu, EA?
Mass Effect 3
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Release Dates: 3/06/2012 
Platforms: • PS3 • XBOX 360
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Et tu, EA?
Buri on March 12, 2012 at 01:08 pm
Soutas Pop

Last week I was shocked to find that Capcom vs. Tekken was being released with all of the DLC already included on the disk waiting for you to pay more to unlock it.  Questionmarktarius commented that "Capcom is rapidly devolving into Electronic Arts East".  Mass Effect 3 released on the same day (March 6th) by EA, has followed suite and is pulling the same shenanigans as Capcom.  See for yourself.

Well said Questionmarktarius.

Something that I've thought about often, especially now with the news of these 2 DLC stories, is what can I do as a consumer to fight this?  It's unrealistic to say, "Don't buy the game".  I'm a huge Dead Space fan.  I feel comfortable saying it's my favorite franchise for the PS3.  It's published by EA.  They're making Dead Space 3.  What am I going to do when that comes out?  Stick it to EA and not buy it?  Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water here.  Who's going to kill off all the Necromorphs and save Isaac Clarke if I don't?  But what can I do?

Here's one idea or theory.  Many companies put a lot of weight on the first weekend sales, or first month sales.  They like all the pre-orders to get all their financial ducks in a row.  Company stock and in house bonuses are affected by opening sales.  When Dead Space 3 comes out.  I'm not buying it day one, week one or month one.  I'm going to give it time, let their figures and statistics die down, maybe even wait for a price cut or for it to become a "Greatest Hits", then pick it up.  It seems like a realistic way for me to get my game and also send a message to EA with my dollars.

Hyper Uppers, what are some of your ideas that we can implement as consumers to send a message to publishers that it's not okay that they squeeze every penny out of us?  Or do you see it differently?  Is this an acceptable business model?  

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