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Day Z Deserves A Better Class Of Criminal
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Day Z Deserves A Better Class Of Criminal
Random on January 07, 2014 at 04:19 pm

The standalone version of Day Z has been available (as a beta) for a few weeks now. While many are still experiencing many gameplay issues, it seems as if there's still plenty of fun to be had robbing other players.

In this clip, an armed player encounters someone not so experienced in the Day Z world. He's promptly held up and gun point, told to put his hands in the air and his bag on the floor, which he does, but it's what happens next that is most interesting. The robber takes the player's can opener (a rare and valuable item apparently) but replaces it with a screw driver which can also be used as a can opener, but doesn't work as well. He lets the player live, keep his remaining items, and walks away as the victim asks "Can I come with you??" 

Day Z seems to present players with all kinds of choices and experiences that we just haven't seen in multiplayer games before. Usually, we're taught to shoot first and ask questions later. It seems in Day Z, the opposite may make for much more interesting situations. In another video I watched a player handcuffed and force fed tuna. Whatever you wanna do, I guess. 

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