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Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures DS Review
Tortoise on September 19, 2011 at 02:47 pm

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures DS is Mama’s newest activity. You play as either Mama’s son or daughter and explore various areas on an island. Each area has various stages. Each stage is a maze where you have to avoid the running animals (who decrease your number of hearts) while gathering items for Mama/Papa/animals, opening treasure chests, tapping trees/bushes for items, moving rocks out of the way, and playing games. At the end of each stage, the two designated games and the number of hearts you have left are totalled to give you a medal. Getting medals (bronze, silver, gold) unlocks more stages and more island areas.

Unfortunately, they don’t tell you how well you need to do to unlock more stages/areas and because all the stages involve repetitive timing (which frustrate me a lot), I wasn’t able to unlock everything (finish the game). This is the first Mama game I couldn’t get 100% (I did unlock every area), but going back to the various stages for better medals to maybe unlocking more stages would just make me hate the game. This is the hardest Mama game by far.

I’m going to walk away now and keep my fond memories of peeling/picking/catching fruits/vegetables, racing animals, BBQ’ing, firing slingshots, making campfires/slingshots/bug nets/fishing rods/wreaths/leis, catching beetles/butterflies/crabs, chopping down trees/bamboo/firewood, getting rid of snakes/bees/mosquitoes/webs, finding ladybugs/nuts/treasure/clouds/snowflakes, gathering shells/gems, swimming, drawing in the sand, giving out honey/treats/wreaths/acorns, climbing trees, playing on the swing, throwing stones, swinging from ivy, making s’mores/sandwiches/soup, playing with ghosts, grilling potatoes/fish/clams, digging up potatoes, throwing my shoes, getting the potatoes back from moles, performing songs, picking flowers, jumping over rocks/boars, cutting mangoes, guessing constellations, launching fireworks, rowing boats, fishing, and sledding.

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