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Bioshock Infinite Release Date Announced
Buri on March 02, 2012 at 12:13 pm
Soutas Pop

It's been a long time waiting, but it seems that the wait is over.

According to the Irrational Games website’s blog (sounds official to me), we can expect to see the new installment in the Bioshock franchise; "Infinite", October 16th 2012 in North America, and October 19th 2012 internationally.

The first Bioshock game released in 2007, was a new experience taking the player to the 1960's, "Atlas Shrugged" inspired underwater metropolis of Rapture.  It brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the first person, survival horror genre, introducing Plasmids, which could be compared to magic in other games. The environment, story, skill tree, and game play are tight as your fat friend trying on a belly shirt at a party trying to be funny.  Bioshock 2 hit the scene in 2010 still taking place in Rapture.  Though it was still fun, despite minor tweaks, the story seemed disjointed and it was basically just "more of the same" from Bioshock 1.  Since the end of 2010 Irrational Games has been giving interviews and dropping all kinds of trailers and screenshots, keeping the third Bioshock installment “Infinite” very much in the gaming public’s eye.  It seems that the Bioshock guys learned a little bit since BioShock 2 and have put a whole lot of effort into keeping it a Bioshock game, but with much more attention to story and environment.  The 2 biggest changes/improvements is that, one, we are no longer in Rapture but in a new city in the sky called Columbia.  And two, we seem to have a female companion; Elizabeth, who according to interviews with Ken Levine (lead game designer for the Bioshock franchise), plays a major role in the story and why our character is doing what he does. 

Bioshock Infinite looks amazing so far, and could quite possibly be the Game of the Year for 2012.  What’s up Hyper Uppers?  Anyone hyped up for Bioshock Infinite?

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