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Battlefield 4 Hands On: How Does The PS4 Version Stack Up?
Battlefield 4
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Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: • PC • PS4
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Battlefield 4 Hands On: How Does The PS4 Version Stack Up?
Random on September 20, 2013 at 02:34 am

Update: Since I'm getting reamed on NeoGAF for "totally not being a PC player" and being accused of writing a PR fluff piece, I'd like to clarify. I'd respond directly on NeoGAF but since I don't have an e-mail account they consider valid, I'm not able to create an account.

I own both the PC and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3. I primarily play on PC and have logged a lot of hours on it. If you'd like to check, my username is w3aponofchoice. I play on PS3 occationally because I have friends who don't have a PC who want to play with me. My opinions in this article are based on my experiences with both, and my disappointment with the PS3 version of BF3. 

When I heard that the PS4 version didn't look very good, I was worried about a repeat performance on consoles. When I played the PS4 version yesterday, and again today, I was really impressed. It runs at a solid 60 FPS. I saw no jagged or blurry textures. While it was clearly running sub 1080p, it looked really, really good. Much better than I would expect it to being upscaled. 

Will it run ever better on PCs? Of course. But my point with this article was that people worried from previous impressions, people like myself, shouldn't be worried. It looks good, it plays good, and it's way better than the PS3 BF3 port. The sluggish aiming from BF3 on console was no where to been seen here, likely a combination of DICE adjusting the aiming settings and better accuracy with the new DS4 controller. 

So says the guy from the site you've never heard of, but I've played it and you haven't, and this is what I think. By the way, we have a really cool bi-weekly podcast and do many features on gaming life in Japan that you guys might enjoy, so since you're paying attention, take a look around! Regardless, thanks for arguing about my credibility for 6 pages (so far) it has been fun to read. happy


I've seen a lot of people worried that Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 isn't going to be up to snuff with the PC version. Even I was worried, and it's understandable when you look at how big a gap there was between the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the previous installment in the series.

Fear not my fellow soldiers, Battlefield 4 on PS4 is legit. I'm what you would call a PC player when it comes to Battlefield, but I jumped right into a 16 vs. 16 match of Obliteration on the Shanghai map and got right down to business. Or should I say pleasure, because what followed could only be described as epic amounts of fun for all involved.

First off let me address the previous rumors or critisisms about the PS4 version. There's just nothing to criticize. This is coming from someone who couldn't stand the PS3 version of BF3. I have no idea what resolution the game was running at on the PS4, but it looked as good or better than BF3 on my PC, and ran at a smooth 60 fps looking amazing the entire time I played. I saw no sign of low quality textures or any issues at all. And while I'm sure high end PCs running the game at 1080p or higher will ultimately look better when you nit pick, there's nothing to complain about here. The game looks and plays like Battlefield on the PC, and that's great news.

I'm used to playing Battlefield on the PC, so switching to a controller wasn't the easiest thing to get used to right away. That problem fairly quickly went away though, thanks largely in part to the awesome new Dual Shock 4 controller Sony has built. The new controller has really nice feeling triggers, so shooting and aiming has been moved to the L2 and R2 triggers, as opposed to L1 and R1 on PS3. This feels much more natural. The new analog sticks and controller shape also feel a lot better in your hands making aiming and shooting a breeze. I was killing fools like a pro in no time.

It really feels like the mechanics have been overhauled in BF4, and much improved. Where in BF3 I had a difficult time hitting targets at a distance with an assault rifle using a controller, I felt like it was much easier to hit my targets in BF4. This could be in part related to the new controller, but never the less, it was better. Vehicle control also felt more natural and less like fighting with the thing you're trying to drive. The differences were minor, but noticable.

The new spawn map after dying was also a welcome change in BF4. A large map fills the screen and lets you select your desired spawn point with ease. You can also change your loadout without having to switch to a different screen entirely, which is nice.

The new Obliteration mode is a lot of fun. There is one bomb and both teams fight for possession of it. Once you have possession, you need to plant it on one of the enemy MCOM stations to score. The beauty of this is that everyone is heading towards the bomb at all times, so there's always this massive choke point that moves around the map. It reminded me of a game of soccer, always fighting for the ball and trying to get it to the goal. Which is brilliant I think for a military shooter.

The highlight of my match came when I realized that no one was using any of the vehicles. I think this is because most people didn't realize how to spawn into them. I jumped into a transport helicopter and started flying up high towards the bomb icon on the map. There was a large battle going on below the big skyscraper on the map. My intention was to fly to the top, land my helicopter on the roof, base jump off the top and take the enemies below by surprise. Landing on the roof proved to be a bit difficult, so I decided to put the heli over top of the enemies and just bail out. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what button on the controller wait eject, and ending up switching helplessly to the gunner seat as my pilotless heli plummeted to the ground below. In my last moments, I found my self facing directly down with a minigun in my hands, and unleashed a barrage of bullets on the enemy team, taking out one player before I exploded in a fiery ball of... fire. Only in Battlefield.

EA had a Battlefield 4 hummer on display at their booth too! Check it out.


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