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“Are You There, Dave?” Xbox One Will Be Able To Talk Back To You
Xbox One
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“Are You There, Dave?” Xbox One Will Be Able To Talk Back To You
Random on May 25, 2013 at 02:22 am

Thought it was creepy enough already that the new Kinect sensor included with Xbox One will feature an always on, always watching always listening camera and microphone? Well it gets better. The Xbox One will reportedly have it's own voice and will be able to talk back to you, similar to Apple's Siri voice system on it's iDevices. 

A source familiar with the feature tells Polygon that it's still in testing, and may not be available at launch, but would arrive in a patch within the first few months. It's not clear exactly to what extent Xbox One will be able to speak, but the source provided an example they'd witnessed in which Kinect's facial recognition system noticed a new player entering the room during play, and the Xbox voice asked them to identify themselves. 

The first thing I thought of while writing this was ED 209 from Robocop saying "Identify yourself, you have 15 seconds to comply." 

I can't decide if this is super cool or really fucking creepy. Let me know what you guys think.

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