Infamous: Second Son
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Platforms: • PS4
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InFamous: Second Son Collector’s Edition Trailer
The number of collector's editions coming out in the next 30 days could bankrupt most men. InFamous: Second Son is getting one as well, which includes a denim… Read More

Officially launching on March 21st, 2014, InFamous: Second Son is possibly the best looking game on the way for the PlayStation 4. Tonight…
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Sony and Sucker Punch have been keeping gameplay from InFamous: Second Son pretty close to their chest. I'm not sure why they opted…
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Sony and Sucker Punch have given us our first real good look at Infamous: Second Son today during their E3 event. You can…
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Although Sony have yet to officially announce any PS4 launch titles outside of Killzone Shadowfall, InFamous Second Son has popped up on a…
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The first official screenshots and artwork for Infamous: Second Son have been released by Sony after giving us our first look at the…
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First Look
Sucker Punch have announced that they are working on Infamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4. The game was shown only in a…
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