Batman: Arkham Origins
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Release Dates: 10/25/2013 
Platforms: • PS3, XBOX 360 • XBOX 360 • Wii U • PC
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Batman Arkham Orgins: Addition to the Arkham Legacy, Or Just A Cash Grab?
I played Batman: Arkham Orgins today at the Tokyo Game Show. There’s been a lot of concern in the gaming community due to the fact that Warner Brothers… Read More

In addition to the sweet new trailer we got today for Batman: Arkham Origins, here's the game's box art and some high res…
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WB Games have released a full cinematic trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. In the trailer, Batman faces off against Deathstroke, while other assassins…
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First Look
Yesterday Game Informer unveiled the next game in the Batman Arkham series, titled Batman: Arkham Origins. While I can understand they are trying…
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Batman: Arkham Origins Revealed! on 10-04-2013 01:43
WB Games has announced the next game in it's series of Batman games, titled Batman: Arkham Origins. This will be the first game…
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