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To be completely awesome and bad ass. To set forth on a journey of radness and kickassery that songs will be written about.


Hype Up (Prononced hi pup, but not to be confused with a little girl speaking to her pet) is a news portal and online community run by gamers, and based in the gaming motherland of Japan. It is not owned by a media corporation, it is 100% independent, at least until someone offers us loads of cash for it (We're broke, okay?). Initial development began in March of 2011 and was completed and launched as a full time project on September 1st, 2011, by a few guys who just wanted to do things a bit differently. It may also be considered a spiritual successor to Square Gamer, a Square Soft news and community site which was extremely popular back before Final Fantasy hit the double digit sequels and the dot com collapse of the early 2000s.


If you have a news tip, a suggestion, or random jokes, please e-mail us at team [at] hypeup.net.
If you have a business related inquiry, please contact Shaun Walford at shaun [at] hypeup.net

You can also contact us directly through private messages to any of the staff, or on our forums.

Hype Up Headquarters is located in Gunma, Japan, approx 100 km from Tokyo. For mailing address information please contact us first via e-mail.

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